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Cortés' Conquest of Mexico

Pizarro's Conquest of Peru


Trade Routes

Port Cities

Viceroyalty Districts

Welcome to the HST/REL 350 Map assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to pinpoint various locations on the provided map that will have relevance throughout the term.

To fill out the map, start by clicking on a specific point (a white dot with a black border) or a geographical area (areas covered with stripes). A sidebar will slide out with a list of locations. Click on the location that matches the location point you clicked. Once you choose an label, the sidebar will disappear and the location point will change colors to reflect the category of location you chose.

All map points must match a location on the list, and all list points will be used. You can change the map point at any time by clicking on it again and choosing a new location. Once finished filling out the assignment, click the orange submit assignment button above. Once submitted, you will no longer be able to change your answers. Good luck!
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