PowerPoint Guidelines And Templates

Our team at Oregon State Ecampus developed a series of PowerPoint templates for you to use for your course lectures.

There are many types of templates, from image-heavy to graphic-heavy, from elegant to fun, from calm to bright, and more. Each template includes about 20 slide types that include images and instructions for use.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Don't overload your slides with text

This is a lecture first, with visuals for support. Humans are incapable of reading and listening at the same time and will default to reading. If you want to be heard, make short bullets when you can.

Use diverse slide types

Many OSU Ecampus students do their homework late at night, so it can be tough for them to stay focused when they see the exact same slide over and over. Pick a few different slide types when possible.

Get creative

Visual elements require less cognitive energy than reading text, so present content uniquely with graphic elements (but not sounds or animations). We have included diagrams, lists, sequences, major points, and more.

Want to get more advanced?
Download Our Detailed Guide


We have a variety of different templates for you to use in your presentations. You may select a template from another college, but we encourage you to select one from your college because the templates were designed with each college’s students in mind. Select your college on the left to begin exploring!

Agriculture Template
College of Agricultural Sciences
Download Template
Beaver Template
general use
Download Template
Cascades Template
College of Forestry
Download Template
Expression Template
College of Liberal Arts
Download Template
Ideation Template
College of Business
Download Template
Lunar Tides Template
Lunar Tides
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Download Template
Network Template
College of Engineering
Download Template
Torque Template
College of Engineering
Download Template

FAQ and Help

How do I use the templates?
  1. Select a template and download the corresponding file
  2. Save As with new name and location on your computer (so you can find it later)
  3. Place content into new slides, duplicating when necessary (right click > duplicate)
  4. Delete unused template slides from file to finish
In addition, each slide includes instructions on how best to use it.
Can I use the default images?
Yes, definitely! Images have been chosen with the college in mind. All are free of copyright restrictions.
Where can I get more quality images?
Many of our images came from the following free resources: Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay.
Do these templates meet accessibility standards?
Yes, all templates meet WCAG AA or AAA guidelines.
How do I know what colors to use?
If you need to update a color, review the “Recent Colors” section in the color drop-down menu.
Can I change the colors?
We can’t stop you from changing colors, however, it is not recommended as these have been thoughtfully-designed for cohesion and accessibility.
Can I use these outside of Ecampus coursework?
Of course! These are intended to be a resource for our instructors. However, any outward-facing communications should adhere to OSU branding standards. Use the “OSU Branded” filter to find a template you like.
I don't see many options
Don’t worry, we are planning on uploading many more designs over the next few months! Check back when starting a new project or keep an eye out in Ecampus communications.
I need more help using this software
We encourage you to consult the Microsoft help articles. (https://support.office.com/en-us/powerpoint)