By the end of this lab, you will be able to:
  1. Explain cricket interactions in territory defense situations.
  2. Explain the Residency Effect.
  3. Recognize territory defense wins, draws, and losses.
  4. Allign this anecdotal data pool with greater "Residency Effect" studies.


  1. Observe cricket interactions.
  2. Record the resident cricket's wins, draws, and losses accurately.
  3. Consider the alignment of this anecdotal data pool with the greater "residency effect" studies from your reading (do you accept this theory?).
  4. Compare your data with other classmates.
  5. Submit your data report on Blackboard

What To Do:

On the next page you will see a struggle between two crickets. The participant with the red dot is the resident, and has been living in this space for 2 days. The other cricket was just introduced.

Click the Win, Draw, and Loss buttons each time you see such a state for the resident cricket.

Here is what those states look like:

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