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Fixing word choice | WR 130 | Oregon State University

WR 130

Fixing word choice

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This is the beginning of the exercise. Correct the errors in each of the following sentences.

Word choice practice

The affect of too much sun can be a sunburn.

Our friends in Oklahoma were not effected by the tornado.

Your actions have consequences – they have affects!

I love to lay in the grass and look up at the clouds.

Could you please lie your picnic blanket next to mine?

The bad news was very hard to except.

Accept for Lionel, we were all present at the wedding.

Your the best friend I've ever had.

You're dog is adorable.

I'm going to go to the store latter.

The girls like being apart of the swim team.

Mr and Mrs Roger spent several years living a part.

Children want to be excepted for who they are.

I think our neighbor's dog is bigger then ours.

We are going to visit the alpacas, and than we'll get ice cream.

His lie could not be farther from the truth.

When Lionel suggested places for dinner, I picked the later of the two choices because I'd never been there.

Who do you love?

I am the one whom knocks.

The neighbors are planting flowers in they're front yard.

Our neighbors planted flowers they're, in the front yard.

Their planting flowers in the front yard.

We insist you brush your teeth everyday.

Brushing teeth should be an every day habit.

I try to run everyday.

Running is my every day exercise.

If Lionel asks, I will chose a restaurant.

Yesterday, we choose to eat at home.

That dog is running away from it's owner.

Its such a nice day outside.

I don't have anymore chocolate.

Mom said we can't buy chocolate anymore.

We don't live here any more.

Please don't put anymore eggs in this basket.

Some time, I visit the alpacas.

I'd like to go to Nepal some times.

I have lived in Oregon for sometime.

She could not except the gift.

Please sit besides me.

Beside Lionel, we all went to the wedding.

I have two many books and not enough time.

We need to go too the store.

They had three alpacas, but now they only have to.

Your not the person I thought you were.

I can't believe its already dark.

Did you chose the red shoes or the blue ones?

Whom ate all the raspberries?

She is so much taller then I thought she would be.

I ate everything accept the lima beans.

The kids need to go too bed.